We are a group of Young Adults (YAs) in Singapore who have graduated from the Dunman High Girl Guides Company. We are now embarking on starting up a new chapter in the school to explore the possibilities in the empowerment of girls. :)


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For enquires, do feel free to contact us at dhsyachapter@gmail.com

Chairperson: Louisa (lee.jiemin1@dhs.sg)
Secretary: Chloe (ng.lien.chloe@dhs.sg)

3 March 2018 - Campfire Pioneering Try-outs

Hello there!!!! We had our half day try- out session with our cameos last Saturday. It is really heartwarming to see our cameos put in so much effort and time to make the try out session possible. Special mention to the Guiders who came down on a scorching hot Saturday to supervise us! Although it took us more time than expected, we're really glad to have completed the structure!

1 March 2018 - World Thinking Day

Hello there:)))) We had our contingent parade last Thursday for the World Thinking Day. We were able to renew our Guide's promise on this special occasion and take some time to reflect on our guiding journey thus far! Below are a few pictures taken:

26 February 2018 - YA Skills Training

Hey there! This Monday's Skills Training was spent on campfire preparation again. We were able to successfully try out our new Ferris Wheel gadget design and have a better gauge of the materials available in our 团部. It feels really great to be doing gadgeting again after a long period of pioneering projects!
A messy picture of our Ferris Wheel in progress (We're working on it!)

12 February 2018 - Skills Training

Hello! For this Skills Training session, we tested out our campfire gateway. It sure feels great to be pioneering again despite being physically tired after a long day of school and being clad in restrictive helmets. Below is a reflection piece by a fellow YA member:

On a whole, today's progress was much faster than the previous session. It is pretty heartening to see how the 2 batches complemented and brainstormed to generate ideas to improve our structure together. I'm proud of the great sense of ownership!

Below are a few pictures taken of the day's session.

Playing Jenga

5 February 2018 - Skills Training

Hello! On the 5th February 2018, the YAs had our campfire preparation and we tested out our campfire walkway structure. We were able to complete most of the structure in the stipulated time. Below are a few pictures: 

29 January 2018 - Skills Training

HELLO:))))) We were able to test out our campfire structure ideas this Monday. Although we were unable to complete, I'm sure we have gained much insights from our trial and would be able to come up with more feasible and better camp structures that would work. JIAYOU YAs! 

15 January - YA Y5 Introduction

Hello! We had our first official YA Chapter session this Monday as an introduction for our 3 new Y5 YAs. It is really heartwarming to see everyone participate so enthusiastically despite it being so late in the day and the Y6 YAs really hope that our new members have enjoyed themselves. Here's to more fulfilling YA adventures and learning moments in a challenging 2018:))))Below are some pictures:

Getting split into teams

Photogenic Maisy beaming with joy

Louisa and Hazel casually leaving out their only other member
Louisa's moment of triumph after saving our hopeless team during dodge ball

Mandatory shot of Hazel ,our new recruit, murdering a banana

Poor shot of us creative gadgeting

I have no idea what's this supposed to be

Just Chloe walking staying in a corner trying to find her team

Just Chloe finally setting off to find her team

Just Chloe making her way towards the wrong team

Blind mice making a square with the masheng
Good ole Maisy being really into the game

Our beautiful wilderness changing room